Enterprise Analyzer

Enterprise Analyzer Essentials (Free)

The Enterprise Analyzer training course shows you how to use Enterprise Analyzer to provide comprehensive analysis on your legacy system, ranging from data flow of a data item to visually exploring the relationships between legacy objects. Enterprise Analyzer aids in your understanding, increasing not only knowledge of your system, but also assisting in any re-development or enhancement efforts.

Enterprise Analyzer: Custom Administrator Guide (Free)

Enterprise Analyzer Custom Administrator Guide training shows you how to perform Administrative tasks such as configuration, installation, deployment, setting options, and how to customize Enterprise Analyzer for the client.

Business Rules Manager (Free)

The Business Rule Manager module allows you to capture, classify, and document the core business logic of your applications – a key task in managing an application portfolio. Databases may change and applications may be written in new languages, but their business logic may remain constant.

Enterprise View (Free)

The goal of this training is to use a real-world example APM scenario to demonstrate the creation of content in Enterprise View. After the training, users should be able to create questions and surveys, deliver and respond to the surveys, and create charts that use these metrics and survey responses.