Silk Performer

Silk Performer Results Analysis and Correlation (free)

This training provides a comprehensive introduction to Performance Explorer, results analysis, and real-time monitoring. Note that you should already have a good understanding of performance testing in general and of the Silk Performer Workbench before you start this training.

Silk Performer Modeling and Implementing Load Tests (free)

This course is the first course in a two-part series. It introduces you to the fundamental concepts of load testing and to the features of Silk Performer. As you work through the exercises in this course, you’ll design, create, and execute tests for three sample e-Commerce applications. You’ll also learn a little about analyzing the results of the tests, though results analysis is covered in more detail in the second course, Results Analysis and Correlation.

Silk Performer Essentials (Free)

This course assists you in using Silk Performer to load test Web applications and gets you up and running as quickly as possible. It helps you take full advantage of Silk Performer’s ease of use and the leading-edge functionality embodied in e-business’ load-testing tool of choice.