Business Rules Manager (Free)

The Business Rule Manager module of Micro Focus Enterprise Analyzer allows you to capture, classify, and document the core business logic of your applications. Databases may change and applications may be written in new languages, but their business logic may remain constant.  

  • 1: Introduction to Business Rules Manager

    • Purpose

    • Organization

    • Navigation

  • 2: Preparing to Create Business Rules

    • Understanding Business Rule Organization

    • Customizing Rule Attributes

    • Defining a Use Case to Document

  • 3: Creating Business Rules

  • 4: Settting Business Rule Attribute Values

    • Introduction

    • Exercise 4-1: Defining Rule Triggers to Documen...

    • Exercise 4-2: Detecting I/O Data Elements for B...

    • Exercise 4-3: Documenting Conditions Under Whic...

    • Lab Exercises

  • 5: Automating the Extraction of Business Rules

    • Exercise 5-1: Using Clipper to Automatically Ex...

    • Lab Exercise

  • 6: Searching and Batch Processing Business Rules

  • 7: Reporting on Business Rules

    • Introduction

    • Exercise 7-1: Create a Business Rule Report

    • Exercise 7-2: Create a Process Outline Report

    • Exercise 7-3: Create a Coverage Report

    • Lab Exercises

  • 8: Business Rule Attribute Values

    • Business Rule Attribute Values

    • Course Feedback

  • Quiz

    • Quiz Questions

    • Quiz Answers

  • Purpose

    This module of Enterprise Analyzer training shows you how to use Enterprise Analyzer to provide Business Rule Manager to identify the core business logic of your applications. It provides use cases that illustrate key Business Rule Manager features. The aims of this module are to enable a user to successfully:

    • Create Business Functions, Rule Sets, and Rules manually
    • Edit Business Rules Attributes both manually and in batch mode
    • Create Business Rules using the Auto Detect feature
    • Create Business Rules from Clipper queries
    • Search through Business Rules
    • Report on the Business Rules project

    For more information, check out the latest Enterprise Analyzer documentation.