DevPartner Studio – Essentials (Free)

Micro Focus DevPartner ensures that code is right the first time, saving time and effort spent locating software defects, memory leaks, performance bottle necks, configuration issues and other nasty surprises. Identifying problems before they go into production frees up time to make real development progress. This course is designed to teach you how to use all areas of DevPartner Studio ...

  • Course Setup

  • 1: Introduction

    • Presentation: Introduction

    • Exercise: 1-1

  • 2: Code Review

    • Code Review Options Demo

    • Code Review Run and Results Demo

    • Exercise: 3-1

  • 3: Code Review Rule Manager

    • Code Review Rule Manager Demo

    • Creating a New Rule Demo

    • Creating a Name Set Demo

    • Exercise 3-1

    • Exercise 3-2

    • Exercise 3-3

  • 4: Performance Analysis

    • Performance Analysis Options Demo

    • Reviewing Performance Analysis Results Demo

    • Exercise 4-1

  • 5: Performance Expert

    • Performance Expert Demo

    • Exercise 5-1

  • 6: Memory Analysis

    • Memory Analysis Demo

    • Exercise 6-1

    • Temporary Objects Demo

    • Exercise 6-2

    • Memory Leaks Demo

    • Exercise 6-3

  • 7: Error Detection

    • Error Detection Demo

    • Detection Analysis Demo

    • Exercise 7-1

  • 8: Coverage

    • Coverage Demo

    • Exercise 8-1

  • 9: System Compare

    • System Comparison Demo

    • Exercise 9-1

  • 10: Reports

    • Reports Demo

    • Exercise 10-1

  • 11: Command Line

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  • Course Setup

    Course Downloads

    The following documents will allow you to take notes, print, or review content from these lessons:

    Course Setup Exercise

    Task Overview: Setup instructions for Sample ApplicationsObjective: Complete Setup of Sample Applications Needed for all Exercises

    1. Many exercises for the Introduction to DevPartner Studio course were created using Visual Studio 2010. In order to complete the exercises as written, Visual Studio 2010 is required. The Sample Applications that are installed with Visual Studio 2010 are used in the exercises for this course. For Error Detection, the exercise uses the sample application installed with DevPartner Studio.
    2. Install the Visual Basic Sample Applications for Visual Studio 2010
    3. Sample applications for Visual Basic, Visual C#, Visual C++ and more are available in local .zip files in the location where you installed Visual Studio:

    Note: To build the samples, you must extract the .zip files to a folder to which you have write access.

    1. Select the .zip file containing the samples you want to open from the local Samples folder.
    2. Right-click the .zip file and then click Extract All… to extract the samples to a folder of your choice, such as My Documents or your Desktop.

    If you do not have the sample applications available, you can find them online through the Visual Studio 2010 Samples page at

    Install the BugBench by running BugBench_SampleCode.exe located at C:\Program Files\Micro Focus\DevPartner Studio\Examples