Enterprise Analyzer Administrator (Free)

Enterprise Analyzer Administrator training shows you how to perform Administrative tasks within a workspace.  

  • 1: Introduction

  • 2: Configuration

  • 3: Documentation

  • 4: Preparing the Workspace and Repository

    • Introduction

    • Exercise 4-1: Creating a Workspace

    • The Workspace Dialog

    • The Workspace Layout

    • Enterprise Analyzer Options

    • Registering and Parsing Sources

  • 5: Resolving Errors in the Workspace

    • Using the Verification Report

    • Relaxed Parsing

    • Orphan Analysis

    • Resolve Dynamic Relationships

  • 6: Running Administrator Restricted Reports

    • Exercise 6-1: Creating a CRUD Report

    • Exercise 6-2: Restricted Clipper Query Construct...

  • 7: Appendix A – Definitions

  • Quiz

    • Quiz Questions

    • Quiz Answers

  • Introduction

    This module of Enterprise Analyzer training shows you how to perform Administrative tasks within a workspace. The features that the EA Administrator uses are only available to user ids that have been defined as “Master” users. Because the Master user can add, update and delete sources within an Enterprise Analyzer workspace, it is best to restrict this access to as few users as possible.

    The aims of this module are to enable an ENTERPRISE ANALYZER (EA) Master user to:

    • Understand the relationships between repositories, workspaces, and projects
    • Add, modify and delete sources from the workspace
    • “Parse” (verify) sources in the workspace.
    • Resolve issues with source code.
    • Identify and delete “Orphans”.
    • Set Workspace, Project and User Options (and make those options the default).
    • Execute the CRUD Report.
    • Execute restricted Clipper Queries (those using CONTAINS and/or IS NESTED IN).

    For more information, check out the latest Enterprise Analyzer documentation.