Enterprise Server – Basic Diagnostics Training (Free)

This video-based course is designed for people responsible for maintaining the Enterprise Server system including identifying and reporting problems.It is focused on explaining the tracing and diagnostics in Enterprise Server. It provides sufficient architectural and technical information to enable a comprehensive understanding of these aspects so that tracing and diagnostics can ...

  • Course Introduction

    • Course Details

    • General Objectives

    • Specific Objectives

  • Module 1

    • Introduction and Overview Video

    • Basic Operation and Diagnostics

    • Tutorials

    • Exercises

  • Module 2

    • Introduction to CICS

    • ES Architecture and Processes, System Health

    • Tutorials

    • Exercises

  • Module 3

    • Logs + Traces

    • Region Dumps

    • ESMAC Options and Utilities

    • Tutorials

    • Exercises

  • Module 4

    • Tracing and SIT options

    • CTF Trace

    • Exercises

  • Module 5

  • Course Details

    Enterprise Server Basic Training is primarily aimed at people responsible for maintaining the system and this includes the identification and reporting of problems. It is not necessary to have a mainframe background to benefit from this course.

    It is primarily focused on explaining the tracing and diagnostics in Enterprise Server and provides sufficient architectural and other technical information to enable a comprehensive understanding of these aspects, so that tracing and diagnostics can be configured and enabled in ES.

    It also covers how diagnostic information should be collected, how a support incident should be raised, and how to provide correct and relevant information (to Micro Focus) to allow for a prompt resolution of a problem.

    This training does cover a certain amount of product usability and configuration where this is necessary to configure diagnostics or to diagnose problems.

    It uses tutorials from the online docs to provide some hands-on experience for CICS and JCL situations to gain familiarity with the product, particularly useful for those unfamiliar with these mainframe aspects.

    A significant part of this training is the troubleshooting exercises/situations that are provided during the course for students to work through. They are followed up with reviews.

    Further details are available from Micro Focus SupportLine.

    Please use this Forum on the Community Site to raise any questions or comments about this training course and to ask any questions about the course Tutorials and Exercises.