Implement a ZENworks Service Desk Store (ZSD250-80)

In this course, Administrators learn how to perform an initial installation and configuration of the ZENworks Service Desk appliance, and perform all tasks necessary to implement a ZENworks Service Desk Store integrated with ZENworks 2017.


Silk4NET Essentials (Free)

Silk4NET is the Silk Test plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio and enables you to create functional tests, regression tests, and localization tests using the programming languages VB .NET and C#.

Silk4NET supports the testing of a broad set of application technologies. Designed for realizing automation benefits even when applied to complex tests, Silk4NET brings true test automation capability directly to the developer’s preferred environment and lets you easily cope with changes made in the test application.

Silk Performer Results Analysis and Correlation (free)

This training provides a comprehensive introduction to Performance Explorer, results analysis, and real-time monitoring. Note that you should already have a good understanding of performance testing in general and of the Silk Performer Workbench before you start this training.

Business Rules Manager (Free)

The Business Rule Manager module allows you to capture, classify, and document the core business logic of your applications – a key task in managing an application portfolio. Databases may change and applications may be written in new languages, but their business logic may remain constant.

AppManager 9.1 Administration (8347)

This course covers how to install, upgrade, and configure AppManager. It also covers how to use AppManager to manage the health of servers. In this course you learn how to gain greater control over the IT environment by using features such as automated deployment, event management, secure delegation, and service map views. In addition, you learn how to analyze and create reports of monitored servers. This course covers a wide range of topics to teach you basic tasks, such as how to manage servers and events, and advanced tasks, such as how to troubleshoot and maintain your AppManager installation.

Silk Test Workbench Essentials (Free)

Silk Test Workbench is an automated testing tool that accelerates the functional testing of complex applications developed with Microsoft, Java, Web, and many other distributed technologies. With Silk Test Workbench, you can record user sessions with your applications to create tests, enhance tests by adding verifications and test logic, and play back tests to ensure that the applications work as expected.

StarTeam Essentials (Free)

StarTeam Essentials is a tools-oriented workshop that provides hands-on training to all StarTeam users. No previous experience with StarTeam is required for this course. Any new user to StarTeam will benefit from this course and the material covered. 

Rumba Screen Designer Essentials (Free)

Welcome to Rumba+: Screen Designer Training. You use the Rumba Screen Designer to provide a modern look and feel to green screen applications and make them easier to use. You do this without touching any application code.

Silk4J Essentials (Free)

Silk4J is the Silk Test plug-in for Eclipse and enables you to create functional tests, regression tests, and localization tests using the Java programming language. Silk4J provides a Java runtime library that includes test classes for all the classes that Silk4J supports for testing. This runtime library is compatible with JUnit, which means you can leverage the JUnit infrastructure and run Silk4J tests. You can also use all available Java libraries in your test cases.

Silk Performer Modeling and Implementing Load Tests (free)

This course is the first course in a two-part series. It introduces you to the fundamental concepts of load testing and to the features of Silk Performer. As you work through the exercises in this course, you’ll design, create, and execute tests for three sample e-Commerce applications. You’ll also learn a little about analyzing the results of the tests, though results analysis is covered in more detail in the second course, Results Analysis and Correlation.

Micro Focus iPrint 3.0 Administration (3178)


In this course, you learn how to complete basic Micro Focus iPrint administrative tasks including installation and configuration, and preparing iPrint for mobile printing.

Access Manager 4.3 Administration (3157)

This course teaches Administrators how to install and configure Access Manager, and how to use it to provide secure access to web, enterprise, cloud and mobile applications and resources.

Working with Mainframe Express (Free)

The class provides a step by step walk through of the Mainframe Express product. Mainframe Express provides tools enabling you to use your PC to develop, maintain and test applications for deployment on the mainframe. It includes integrated tools for editing, compiling and visually debugging mainframe applications. Mainframe Express also provides powerful tools such as project-management capabilities and emulation of IBM mainframe sub systems such as CICS, IMS and DB2.