Rhythm Essentials (Free)

Rhythm is an Agile/Scrum delivery management tool where Agile execution teams plan, status and track their work. Agile teams can organize their Backlog, plan Releases, Sprints, and Kanban Boards, run daily stand-ups, and track delivery progress. When Rhythm is used together with the Atlas, the Atlas Planning and Tracking Suite provides full program definition and delivery manage...

  • 1: Course Overview

    • Introduction

    • Course Objectives

    • Who Should Take this Course

    • Rhythm System Requirements

    • Summary

  • 2: Getting Started

    • Objectives

    • Introduction

    • Home Perspective Overview

    • Creating a New Project

    • Summary

  • 3: Administration

    • Introduction

    • Objectives

    • Administration Tools Overview

    • Adding Users to a Project

    • Configuring Project Settings

    • Configuring Input Streams

    • Adding Users to Rhythm

    • SCM Configuration

    • Summary

  • 4: Planning Perspective

    • Introduction

    • Objectives

    • Planning Perspective Overview

    • About Stories

    • Stories in Breakdown View

    • Stories in the Backlog

    • Timeboxes: Releases, Sprints

    • Adding Stories to Sprints

    • Managing Kanban Boards

    • Summary

  • 5: The Team Room Perspective

    • Introduction

    • Objectives

    • Team Room Perspective Overview

    • Adding Tasks to Stories

    • Updating Task Status

    • Using Kanban Boards

    • Code Review

    • Summary

  • 6: The Tracking Perspective

    • Introduction

    • Objectives

    • Tracking Perspective Overview

    • Tracking Perspective Status Panes

    • Summary

  • 7: Course Summary

  • 8: Course Quiz

    • Quiz Questions

    • Quiz Answers

  • Introduction

     Welcome to Rhythm! Rhythm is an Agile/Scrum delivery management tool where Agile execution teams plan, status, and track their work.

    Agile teams can organize their backlog, plan releases, sprints, or Kanban Boards, run daily stand-ups, and track delivery progress.

    Some features include:

    • Enables definition and breakdown of program objectives (Requirements) into actionable Stories.
    • Defines/manages Sprints, Releases, Kanban Boards.
    • Collaborate and status with the Team Room’s List view, Card view, and Kanban Board.
    • Tracks progress against defined dates and payloads.
    • Use Rhythm’s native Code Review tool with a supported SCM tool.

    When Rhythm is used together with the Atlas Requirements capabilities, the Atlas Planning and Tracking Suite provides full program definition and delivery management – keeping the business in sync with the delivery team.

    Using Rhythm with Atlas

    Rhythm and Atlas are two of the main components of the Atlas Planning and Tracking Suite. You use Atlas to define, capture, and track the business needs of the organization as Requirements. You use Rhythm to plan, status, and track the day-to-day Agile activities of the project team. Atlas pushes Requirements into Rhythm as Epics where the product team breaks them down into smaller consumable Stories. These Stories are then worked through the full Agile process. Daily status, state and all related tracking data is integrated back into Atlas for real-time portfolio visibility for all stakeholders.