Silk Performer Essentials (Free)

  This course assists you in using Silk Performer to load test Web applications and gets you up and running as quickly as possible. It helps you take full advantage of Silk Performer's ease of use and the leading-edge functionality embodied in e-business' load-testing tool of choice.  

  • 1. Test Script Creation and Customization

    • Introduction

    • Objectives

    • Sample Web 2.0 Application

    • Defining a Web Load Test Project

    • Creating a Test Script

    • Analyzing a Test Run

    • Customizing Your Script

  • 2. User Types and Baseline Performance

    • Introduction

    • Objectives

    • Creating a User Profile

    • Identifying Baseline Performance

    • Confirming Baseline Test Results

  • 3. Defining Workload

    • Introduction

    • Objectives

    • Workload Models

    • Configuring Workload

  • 4. Assigning Agents and Configuring Monitoring

    • Introduction

    • Objectives

    • Assigning Agents Manually

    • Using Silk Central Agent Clusters

    • Using Cloud Agents

    • Cloudburst Saas

    • Configuring Monitoring

  • 5. Running Load Tests

    • Introduction

    • Objectives

    • Running a Load Test

    • Monitoring Load Tests

  • 6. Exploring Test Results

    • Introduction

    • Objectives

    • Silk Performance Explorer

    • Analyzing Test Results and Server-Monitoring Dat...

    • Viewing Overview Reports

    • TrueLog On Error

  • Quiz

    • Quiz Questions

    • Quiz Answers

  • Introduction

    This module shows you how to define a new Web load test project. Please watch the video below for a quick overview of the concepts and skills covered in this module.

    For more information, check out the latest Silk Performer documentation.