ZENworks 2017 Architect Academy (3165)

In this course, you learn about the tasks required to evaluate a customer's network environment, design a ZENworks solution, and then configure the initial ZENworks production implementation. You are provided videos, documents, and other resources to help you through the learning process. In addition, you are provided tools to complete your ZENworks Architect design tasks.

  • Before You Start

    • Welcome

    • Where to Start

    • What's New

    • How Can I Help?

  • ZEN Demo Scenario

    • About ZEN Demo

    • Testing and Production Environments

    • ZEN Demo IT Team

    • ZEN Demo IT Technical Assessment

    • ZENworks Business Requirements

    • ZENworks Project Timeline

    • ZENworks Test Lab Design

    • ZENworks Production Environment Design

  • Phase 1: Design the ZENworks System

    • Describe the ZENworks System

    • Assess the Environment

    • Design the ZENworks System

    • Create the Strategies

    • Document the Design

  • Phase 2: Prepare the ZCM Environment

    • Create the Project Documentation

    • Prepare the Network Infrastructure

    • Configure the Network Environment

    • Acquire the Media and Certificates

    • Set Up the Appliance Environment

  • Phase 3: Install the ZENworks System

    • Install the Primary Servers

    • Implement the Satellite Servers

    • Install the ZENworks Reporting Appliance

  • Phase 4: Update the ZENworks System

    • Plan the ZENworks Update Rollout

    • Deploy the Update

    • Perform Post Update Tasks

  • Phase 5: Upgrade the ZENworks System

    • Plan the ZENworks Upgrade Rollout

    • Deploy the Upgrade

    • Perform Post Upgrade Tasks

  • Welcome


    Welcome to the ZENworks Architect Academy!

    What is a ZENworks Architect?

    A ZENworks Architect is normally a senior, part-time technical resource who gathers client requirements and designs a ZENworks system that meets those requirements. The architect then

    • Completes system-wide tasks such as setting up locations or setting up database maintenance
    • Provides hand-off training and instruction to administrators who are going to maintain the system day-to-day


    What does this course help me do?

    This On-demand Architect course provides you with videos, documents, and tools you need to learn how to become an effective ZENworks Architect. ZENworks experts take you through the phases of designing and updating a ZENworks environment that meets your client’s enterprise business requirements.


    Understand the ZENworks Architect Role