ZENworks 2017 Mobile Management Administration (3166)

In this course, you learn how to perform basic ZENworks Mobile Management configuration tasks that allow users to enroll their mobile device in the ZENworks zone.  These tasks include adding a user source, creating and assigning an enrollment policy, adding an MDM server, configuring FCM and APNs, adding an ActiveSync server, and creating and assigning an email policy.

  • Before You Start

  • Getting Started

    • ZEN Demo and Mobile Management

    • Describe ZENworks Mobile Management

    • Use the Getting Started Page

  • Configure Device Enrollment

    • Add a User Source

    • Enable the User Source for Enrollment

    • Create a Mobile Enrollment Policy

    • Assign the Mobile Enrollment Policy

    • Add an MDM Server

    • Secure the MDM Server

  • Enable Communication with Enrolled Devices

    • Configure FCM Services

    • Configure the APNs Certificate

  • Enable Email Access

    • Connect to an ActiveSync Server

    • Create a Mobile Email Policy

    • Assign the Mobile Email Policy

  • Enroll Mobile Devices

  • Integrate ZENworks with Android Enterprise

    • Enroll Your Organization to Android Enterprise

    • Create and Assign an Android Profile Enrollment ...

  • Before You Start


    Welcome to the ZENworks 2017 Mobile Management Administration course!

    Mobile device management in ZENworks uses ZCC and the capabilities of ZENworks Configuration Management. By leveraging the features of ZENworks, you can perform multiple management operations on mobile devices.

    What does this course cover?

    In this course, we’ll introduce you to the management tasks you need to complete for your users to enroll their mobile devices in your ZENworks zone and for you to manage those devices.

    Configure Device EnrollmentEnable Communication with Enrolled Devices, and Enable Email Access help you with those tasks that need to be completed first to set up the basic Mobile Management environment.

    Because the course is dynamic, we’ll continue to add content for other tasks that can be important to accomplishing what you want to do with Mobile Management.

    What content is available?

    The course is divided into sections (such as Configure Device Enrollment) and modules (such as Add a User Source). You can access a module by clicking on the module name in the left Navigation Panel:

    A module normally includes a Presentation video, and a Presentation Manual (the slides and script of the video).

    If a demo is included in the presentation, then a How To video is available that of the demo only.