ZENworks Patch Management 2020 for Administrators (ZPM250-2020)

In this course, you learn how to successfully enable ZENworks Patch Management, and how to deploy patches either manually or automatically.  These include tasks such as enabling ZPM Subscription Services, scheduling ZPM for business needs, viewing patch scan results, and deploying remediations.

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    Welcome to the ZENworks Patch Management 2020 for Administrators course!

    Where is the Course Content?

    Besides a Course Introduction video included below, you’ve probably noticed that there is no content available for this course in the On-demand learning system.

    As Micro Focus Education Services, we actually provide two learning systems–On-demand and View Central (also called the “Education Course Catalog”).

    While On-demand is primarily a video viewing system, View Central provides several additional features that help enhance your learning experience.

    To provide the best possible learning experience for ZENworks Patch Management 2020, we decided to develop this course for the View Central learning system.

    What are the Advantages of View Central?

    Besides providing a platform for viewing training videos, View Central also lets you

    • Practice skills by using a “hands-on” simulation environment
    • Track your progress through a course
    • Check your understanding of a lesson with Knowledge Checks
    • Complete an exam that gives you the opportunity to earn an Acclaim badge


    How do I Access the course in View Central?

    Because the ZENworks Patch Management 2020 for Administrators course is in View Central (instead of On-demand), you would normally purchase the course by going to Education Course Catalog, searching for Course ZPM250-2020, and then purchasing the course separately from your On-demand subscription.


    For a limited time (through 1 Jan 2020), if you currently have an On-demand subscription that includes ZENworks courses, we’re offering the ZPM250-2020 course to you for free

    Simply select the “How to Access” tab on the left for instructions on accessing the course.

    We appreciate your commitment to On-demand, to our ZENworks products, and to Micro Focus. Enjoy your new View Central learning experience!

    Course Introduction